When you first start using the Paloma performance tab to assess experiences, it's easy to focus on optimizing the results of specific conversations. From the way customers to get to the experience, to the products you offer, there's a lot of opportunity for experimentation!

Once you have a Paloma experience live, consider these three other ways that insights from personal shopper conversations can help improve your conversion rates overall.

Let's dig into how patterns in the answers to quiz questions can unlock even more value for the whole team ⬇️

Understand your customer better

Personal shopper conversations are just that—personal. They're your opportunity to build a comprehensive map of customer preferences. And with selection breakdowns in Paloma, you can dig deep to understand which messages are resonating most with your audience. Whether you want to quickly test new value propositions in market—and get immediate feedback on how they land—or mine your results for what to emphasize in upcoming campaigns, conversational insights give you the perfect tool to hone your messaging, fast.

Target your ads more effectively

If you have a very clear profile of the customer you want to reach, you can also use quiz answers to assess whether your ads have effectively reached the right people. For example, if you know you only want to reach people with a specific design aesthetic or set of purchase priorities, and a quiz consistently results in disqualifying selections and low conversion rates, it may be time to dig into your targeting. You may discover that you're not reaching the people you thought you might.

Improve your product mix

You can also analyze the patterns in quiz responses across your customers to look for clues to guide future product development. If you consistently see above average interest in a particular style, color, or type of product, it may be a sign that you should invest further in that direction. This can be especially useful if you find that there are high interest in a particular product during a quiz but low conversion rates— it may be a signal to experiment with pricing, messaging, or display to better harvest that initial interest.

On the other hand, if you see little interest in a particular product line or design, it might be time to either consider streamlining your product mix or experimenting with new ad targeting to reach a different audience.

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