How to run a Black Friday DM campaign that converts

Turn your organic channels into performance channels just in time for Black Friday campaigns.

Your DMs can drive revenue this holiday season.

You've got a great site-wide deal planned for Black Friday—but how do you make sure it's driving as many sales as possible? Convert your Instagram traffic with the power of automated DM conversations. (That’s right – organic channels can be performance channels 🚀)

Let's take a look at how to direct organic Instagram traffic into automated DM conversations that convert.

Three simple steps to a high performing campaign

Step one: identify your deal and pick the perfect hashtag

First, get organized. Determine the specifics of your deal— what type of offer, where it applies, for how long — and choose a hashtag to trigger the experience.

Here's everything you'll need to know:

Step two: kick off the conversation with killer creative.

Help customers shop more quickly from story replies that link to automated shopping convos. Create a story that invites your customer to DM to unlock the deal:

Step three: deliver a gift code — and highlight your top sellers

Set up your shop conversation to quickly share the discount code, along with best sellers that customers can click to buy without leaving DMs.

Repeat for as many moments and deals as you've got!

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