Creating an experience in Paloma is fast and easy, but depending on your team's size, a few different people might need to get involved to get it out into the world.

We've curated a few of our favorite resources for each role to help to help everyone get up to speed and make collaboration as seamless as possible.

Don't see a resource you want? Drop us a line at — we'd love to help.

Paid Marketing

Paid marketing leaders are often the first folks to explore Paloma as an addition to their acquisition mix, especially if they're interested in exploring Click-to-Messenger ads.

For paid marketing pros that want to drive improved campaign performance and increase revenue, we recommend the following guides when you're just getting started:

Once the team has built an experience that's converting well, it's time to send traffic to the conversation through other channels, like Instagram.


Automated personal shopping conversations truly personify your brand, and help to create a very unique relationship with your customer.

Brand teams can be invaluable partners in bringing quizzes to life through captivating copywriting.

We recommend starting with:

Once the experience is live, be sure to explore all the ways that full funnel insights can help you understand your customer better!


The social team will likely encounter Paloma on Instagram. Running keyword campaigns on stories and in-feed can lead to not only acquisition opportunities, but organic engagement from customers as well.

To get up to speed on all things Instagram, social teams should check out:


Support will be most interested in understanding the handoff between personal shopper conversations and their current ticket solution.

There are two key goals:

  1. Make sure any automated conversations don't end up in the support feed
  2. Make sure any customers who request support can get it

Because Paloma offers seamless integrations and a variety of automated responses to set customer expectations during the handoff process, support teams can customize the exact experience they need.

Learn more about: