Finding your match: The shoppable quiz

Finding your match: The shoppable quiz

People selling to people is both the most effective and least scalable sales method. And while e-commerce is a significant industry, many digitally native, direct-to-consumer brands are working to replicate the quality of an in-person sale, online.

One method for doing this is the classic online quiz. Brands report high completion rates and customers love them. Care/Of, Ollie, Madison Reed and Feather all use online shopping quizzes to match potential customers with the right product.

Care/Of and Ollie quizzes

So what makes them work, how are brands leveraging them – and could they be even more effective?

Why people love them

Quizzes speak to our identity. They make us feel seen, special and catered to when we see a result that just gets us. And people love talking about themselves – which provides a steep incentive to get to the results, making the likelihood of someone completing a quiz extremely high.

With every step of the quiz journey, a brand is proving to us why the product is a perfect fit, meaning as consumers we're left with less questions when we get to that product result. By making it easier to make a purchase decision, we're more likely to make it.

Why brands love them

The achilles heel of e-commerce is acquisition cost. When a consumer lands on your site it would be great if you didn't have to pay for several rounds of retargeting to eventually acquire them. Quizzes can engage potential customers quickly, and with high completion rates you're increasing the likelihood that they'll purchase.

Whether or not a brand has started turning to brick-and-mortar – as we've seen an uptick of recently – many brands leverage guided selling as a strategy aimed to get as close to the in-store experience as possible. And while looking for ways to optimize the online purchase, and reduce acquisition costs, the shoppable quiz is guaranteed to come to mind – the performance speaks for itself.

How brands can maximize the guided sell

The shoppable quiz provides a lot of perks, but it can be held back by both the development cost & time, as well as the drawbacks of the medium – a public website.

Placing a shoppable quiz in a more intimate space would provide an opportunity to compound all of the perks we mentioned. And with over 10 Billion messages being sent between businesses and people on Facebook Messenger monthly, there is a viable, intimate, online space to make that happen.

Facebook Messenger automation provides an easy path to generate the same logic, in an even more personal space, and with a one-to-one interaction that's even closer to an in-store buying experience. Which explains why brands are starting to pick up traction in adopting the channel, driving down acquisition costs as much as 25%.

Combining the value of the shoppable quiz with the intimacy of a one-to-one conversation generates an even tighter relationship with the consumer, maximizing intent with every step in the conversation, and increasing their likelihood to buy. And with technology like Paloma, the lift to launch is significantly lower.

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