June feature releases

See Paloma's new features: International shipping, item markdowns, story and feed sale auctions, and bulk upload updates.

June feature releases

This month we introduced new features to save you time on your sales and fulfillment, including:

  1. International shipping
  2. Item markdowns
  3. Story & feed auction automation
  4. Duplicating items in bulk upload

Keep reading to see how these features work!

International shipping

Update your fulfillment settings to accept orders from customers in other countries. Your customers will be able to select from those options in the checkout form, and enter their international address.

Note: International addresses are not verified by Paloma for accuracy or deliverability, and taxes will not be applied.

Item markdowns

When you add a discounted price to any item, customers will be able to see the original and discounted rates at checkout and in their receipt.

Story & feed auctions

Now you can run multiple item auctions at a time, and schedule them in advance. This makes it possible to automate bids on Story and feed sales, by having customers enter the item's code with their BID or BIN.

Duplicate items in bulk upload

Select the "Duplicate" option in the bulk upload to create a new item row with all the same details as the previously selected row. All the details will copy over except the code, which will be generated for the new item.

Those are the big features for June! Have a new feature request? DM us on Instagram @getpaloma, or send an email to support@getpaloma.com