Paloma new feature release “Comment to Shop”

We’re always looking for ways to make it easier for your customers to buy your products, so we couldn't wait to share our newest feature: Comment to Shop!

Starting today, anyone can shop a seller's products by commenting on their Instagram posts (they don’t even have to DM you!)

How does "Comment to Shop" work?

When a customer comments on a seller's Instagram Post with their product's unique #hashtag, Paloma will send them the info to checkout – see how it works below, and keep scrolling for how to use it!

How do I use "Comment to Shop" for my store?

Comment to Shop is ready to use on all Paloma stores! Here’s how it works when setting up a new product in Paloma:

  1. In Paloma, add a new product you would like to sell – a new shop conversation will be created that you can preview and test
  2. To share, start by setting a #hashtag Keyword for the product (TIP: use something unique, like #GreenHat, instead of your brand name)
  3. Using the Instagram App, create a new post with an image of the product. In the caption, include a description of the product, and the hashtag for customers to shop with – for example, “New green hat in stock! One size fits all, perfect for the summer. Comment #GreenHat to shop”

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