New feature: “Comment to Shop”

We’re always looking for ways to make it easier for your customers to buy your products, so we couldn't wait to share our newest feature: Comment to Shop!

Starting today, anyone can shop a seller's products by commenting on their Instagram posts (they don’t even have to DM you!)

How does "Comment to Shop" work?

When a customer comments on a seller's Instagram Post with their product's unique #hashtag, Paloma will send them the info to checkout – see how it works below, and keep scrolling for how to use it!

How do I use "Comment to Shop" for my store?

Comment to Shop is ready to use on all Paloma stores! Here’s how it works when setting up a new product in Paloma:

  1. In Paloma, add a new product you would like to sell – a new shop conversation will be created that you can preview and test
  2. To share, start by setting a #hashtag Keyword for the product (TIP: use something unique, like #GreenHat, instead of your brand name)
  3. Using the Instagram App, create a new post with an image of the product. In the caption, include a description of the product, and the hashtag for customers to shop with – for example, “New green hat in stock! One size fits all, perfect for the summer. Comment #GreenHat to shop”

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