Paloma's Retail Relief: Helping stores bridge offline to online

Paloma's Retail Relief: Helping stores bridge offline to online

In this tremendously difficult time, people have turned online for most of their needs – whether it's groceries & essentials, home furnishings, kitchen gear, or in-home fitness tools. Ecom is at an inflection point (not unlike China's adoption of ecom post-SARS).

But when people shop online, they still need help finding the right things to buy:

  • A couch for a family with pets
  • Workout gear that can help with your favorite routines from home
  • Cookware for your new bread-baking endeavors

The question is: Will they get help from your brand? Or someone else?

At Paloma, we see messaging channels as an online destination that is much like a physical store: A customer can walk in, be greeted by a sales associate, asked questions, and guided to the right products.

This kind of online destination enables brands to directly help customers decide what to buy, which builds trust and ultimately, increases conversion rates.

Paloma's conversion rates are 2–10X higher than websites.

We built tools to enable that workflow for small and large businesses alike – whether you need to bring sales associates online, make cx team's lives easier, or automate the experience entirely at scale.

Our work with ecom brands like Bombas, Framebridge, and CITYROW, has facilitated this level of quality and curation for customers right in Facebook Messenger.

To help give retailers the tools that best replicate their in-store experience online, Paloma is offering 2 Months of Free Software service to retail businesses whose physical locations have suffered.

Who is qualified

Any business that is new to Paloma, and has a physical storefront. Businesses must apply before May 31st, 2020.

How it works

  1. Retailers can get started by filling out our online form here, which will direct you to schedule a call with someone from our team.
  2. On the call, we'll want to learn more about your business and team to determine the right workflow setup. We'll also take you through a demo of the customer experience and the software to get you familiar with the opportunities.
  3. From there, you'll be connected with our client team for onboarding who will get you logged into your account, and walk you through steps to launching.

Most teams are able to launch in 1–3 weeks, after which you'll have 2 Months of free access to the software.

The software includes access to full funnel analytics to understand what works and what doesn't, so you can better support the outcomes your business needs.

Does this sound like it could help you or someone you know? Learn more, or share the link below – we're looking forward to helping your customers shop!

Learn more about Paloma's Retail Relief: Free 2-Month Trial Program